NY Knicks Coach Interview

 Jay and Roy covered the Knicks this Spring for Chinese Television.  Roy had full credentials for the Madison Square Garden game and shot B-Roll the night before.  Shot on Sony EX1.  MP4 file deliered to cient same day.   The interview was at the MSG training facility in Tarrytown, NY.  Jonathan the press rep was great, actually telling us the coach was at the disposal of us and to take our time setting up.  The intervew was a tricky since there was no budget for our Mackie mixer. Since there were three people they needed 3 channels but most professional video cameras record sound on just two channels.  We brought along a mini 3 channel mixer to mix in the 2 talent mics on one camera input and put the coaches sound direct into a the 1080P camera itself. 

Jay With Derick Nelson and Host Kareem