Video Production for Google "X"

Submitted by videotek on Wed, 2014-08-06 14:18

Thanks to folks at Google, Todd Nakumura and Google Developers Group GDG North Jersey and New York for hiring me to cover the first Google Solve for X competition 2015.  We covered events at Rutgers, Montclair U, and Drew as well Googles NYC headquarters.  For proper exposure shooting powerpoint screens and speakers using the same camera requires manual iris and a real camera with a real F stop ring.  Jay continues to shoot most of his events on manual iris since even the most sophisticated auto iris systems can be fooled.  Shooting handheld for example, after hundreds of events with his left thumb and index finger on "the ring", when there is a light change jay does not even (conciously) think about adjusting the iris.  "It's kind of like driving a stick shift" said Jay to no one in particular.